Psychological and Psychiatric Support

Individual psychological, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric work is carried out by psychologists and psychiatrists and, starting from 2015, it has been strengthened as to more adequately respond to the complexity of the needs of people who survived the torture.

After the experience of torture, trust in the world and in every human relationship collapses. Psychological work then consists in the slow construction of a relationship of trust based on respect and loyalty, so that it is conceivable to find trust in human bonds.

People who have suffered torture and serious ill-treatment bring with them a serious identity wound that leads to a painful break with the past and a strong sense of bewilderment with respect to self-definition. In addition to the basic psychological support, we are therefore committed to offering individual psychotherapies that can accompany our users to tie up their personal history and to promote their resources to cope with what awaits them in our country.